Galleria Milano wos born by the  idea of proposing Italian cuisine in an ambience that recalls Italy. The idea came from one of the owners, who is from Milan city, famous for Fashion and Design, but also for some of its historical landmarks, one of these the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II of Savoia, at that time King of Italy Kingdom. It started to be built in 1865, was finished in 1877 and was designed by the architect Giuseppe Mengoni, selected among nearly 200 different projects. In the middle of the Galleria on the mosaic floor, there is the emblem of Casa Savoia and around four logos of the cities that at different times have been the capital of the Kingdom of Italy: Milan, Turin, Florence and Rome. The emblem of Turin shows a bull and according to the legend by crushing its genitals with the heel of the foot and turning three times over, you get luck. At the top of the Galleria, almost 200 meters long and 100 wide, there are images of four Continents: Africa, Asia, Europe and America. The people of Milan, but also many tourists who visit the city, go often to the Galleria because it is a meeting point and meeting place. Inside there are Restaurants, Coffee Bars and now also many shops of Fashion Brands. For this reason it has always been defined the “Milano Living room”, just because walking you can meet each other and you can spend hours with friends and family, visiting shops and lovely restaurants inside. The Restaurant Galleria Milano, taking into consideration the past and present of this Land Mark of Milan, wanted to create in a very small scale, a small glimpse in Bangkok for people who love Italian cuisine and also for those who know Milan city.